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Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist
Hydropower gate hoist

Hydropower gate hoist

The capacity:
Lifting height:
Lifting speed:
Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy resource.No greenhouse gases or other dangerous gases are produced so there is no damage of this kind to the environment.Regardless of size, all turbines are manufactured with only high-quality components, and undergo rigid quality inspections to ensure high efficiency and reliable operation.
Product description
Technical Parameters
Product description
Gate electric hoist is widely used in irrigation, hydropower station, the river, irrigation system, reservoirs and other water conservancy project. It consist of the shell, cover, nut, pressure bearings, mechanical lock, and screw shank. It is flexible for open and close the sluice gate, so it is the ideal equipment of water conservancy project.
gate hoist features:
1.Widly used in hydropower station, river and water conservancy facilities.
2.Especially for FLAT/SLUICE GATE hoisting and lowering.
3.Single or double lifting points on optional.
4.Hoisting slings is wire rope, pulley block falling from drums;
5.Electric motorized, Centralized drive or individual drive.
6.Manual drive assemblied when electric fail.
7.Overload limiter, height indicator are all included. etc.

reducer of hydropower gate hoist




crane motor

1.YZR,YZP are all provided    2.power:1.8-280Kw    3.number of pole-pairs:4,6,8,10

crane motor of hydropower gate hoist
drum of hydropower gate hoist



It is grooved hoist drum, seamless pipe of adequate length to be winded in one layer and to provide proper support for the rope to minimize abrasive wear. Drum shaft revolves on ball bearings for ensuring smooth running


Freely adjustable screw lifting height limiter with high precision and wide adjustment range,Multi-touch configuration can effectively achieve the switching among fast,slow and stopping functions during rising and falling
limter of hydropower gate hoist
brake of hydropower gate hoist



brake wheel dia: Ø100mm,Ø150mm,Ø200mm,Ø250mm,Ø300mm,Ø400mm,Ø500mm,Ø600mm etc


1.apollo,HBC,WICONTEK,telecrane    2.2/4/6/8/10/12keys for choosing    3.voltage:as required

controller of hydropower gate hoist
Technical Parameters
Item Unit Specification
capacity t 5-25
Pulley ratio m 2-8
Lifting height m 4-15
lifting speed m/min 1.19-5.57
Motor power kw 2.2-35
Points diatance m 2-13
Weight kg 910-23610
Power source   as your demands
Other   According to your specific usage, specific model and design will offer
Free Spare Parts
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